Saturday, 18 May 2013

things making me happy: 18 may 2013

things making me happy this week

#1 - The Fast & Furious Franchise

I don't believe in 'guilty pleasures'. You like what you like and, as long as you're not hurting anyone, good for you. I do, of course, acknowledge that the quality of pop culture (be it music or films or television) does vary and there are some things which are objectively bad, but your enjoyment of something is made no less valid because it's poor quality.

With that in mind, I fully accept that these are not good films - the dialogue is terrible, the acting's not so great and the plots are full of holes - BUT I LOVE THEM ANYWAY! In preparation for F&F6 I rewatched the movies that matter (1 & 4-6 - 2&3 are better forgotten!) and realised just how much I like them. I love the central dynamic between Dom and Brian and later on with the ensemble - found families just give me a lot of feelings! The movies are ridiculous but they're funny and have some heart and considering that they exist in what tends to be a pretty bullshitty genre, they get extra kudos for being action movies which feature and celebrate both people of colour and ladies.

So I saw F&F6 yesterday and it was pretty great! OBVIOUSLY it was flawed - the set pieces were huge leaving little room for the sincere (but usually horribly written!) conversations/character pieces and all the action sequences had been spoiled by the trailers BUT it was funny, there were lots of call backs to the earlier films (the titles were a best-of sequence!), they managed to give all the characters something to do, the action sequences were INSANE and I JUST REALLY LIKE MOVIES ABOUT PEOPLE WHO LOVE EACH OTHER! It's by no means profound but it is the perfect mix of 'HOLY CRAP!' and 'I LOVE YOU GUYS!'

#2 - That Man of Steel promotion is ramping up

This is probably the film that I've been most excited about this year and we're so close now! I'm very happy that we're starting to get more promo material after years of silence.

Hope you're all having a nice weekend and that plenty of things are making you happy!

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