Saturday, 15 June 2013

things making me happy: 15 june 2013

things making me happy this week

The thing bringing me the greatest amount of joy this week is Henry Cavill's face! Let me direct you here. You're welcome! I'll probably post about Man of Steel later in the week.

Otherwise, lots of music has been making me happy this week!

1. 'The National' performed a Tiny Desk Concert with NPR and it was WONDERFUL! It opens with 'This Is The Last Time' which is my favourite track on their new album. You can check that out here.

2. KT Tunstall released her new album 'Invisible Empire/Crescent Moon' this week and it is really really lovely. I've enjoyed her last couple of albums but this one is really stripped back and has a slight country/folk twist (she recorded it in Arizona I think). My favourite track is probably 'Crescent Moon' but this acoustic performance of 'Made of Glass' is beautiful.

3. Arthur Beatrice revealed the video to their track 'Carter' this week.

I've been a fan since I saw them open for The Antlers a year or so ago and really love everything they've released so far.

4. Finally, I wanted to give a mini-shoutout to the music supervisors on 'The Americans'. What with all the Emmy buzz going around I finally watched the show this week and I really liked it. Given that the premise is 'undercover spies with marriage issues' I was already inclined to like it but the pilot really won me over when it pulled out 'In the Air Tonight' by Phil Collins! Whoever came up with that deserves a bonus! A+ work right out of the gate!

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