Sunday, 15 December 2013

2013 roundup: films

In part 2 of my 'faves of 2013' posts I thought I'd talk a bit about my favourite movies of the year. Most of the awards bait comes out in the next few weeks and therefore isn't on this list - I posted about the ones I'm most interested in over the summer, you can see that here - but I saw plenty of great movies this year.

According to my 2013 list I saw 27 movies at the cinema this year (not including multiple viewings - Star Trek x2, F&F6 x2Man of Steel x3, Catching Fire x3), by my maths that means I've spent around £160 on cinema tickets in 2013! In my defence a drug habit would be much more expensive!

So, in rainbow order, here 9 of my favourite new releases of 2013:

Lore - IMDB | Review
Populaire - IMDB
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - IMDB |Review

About Time - IMDB
The Kings of Summer - IMDB | Review
Fast and Furious 6 - IMDB | Review

Pacific Rim - IMDB | Review
Man of Steel - IMDB | Review
Star Trek Into Darkness - IMDB

Do these match up with your favourites of the year? If not, what would you add?

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